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Kinesio® cannot be understood without understanding our story. Dr. Kenzo Kase developed the Kinesio Taping® Method in the 1970s to fill a void in the treatment options that were available at that time. He was searching for a way to facilitate the body’s natural healing process and prolong the benefits of his treatment after his patients left his clinic. Through his education as a chiropractor, his innate ability to sense internal pain and dysfunction through the skin and his creative therapeutic mind, Dr. Kase was able to develop new methods of treating his diagnoses. Among these methods, Kinesio® Taping industry was born and soon all other therapeutic elastic tape companies built upon Kinesio tape and methods. The Kinesio Taping® Method is a definitive rehabilitative taping technique that is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion. Latex-free and wearable for days at a time, Kinesio® Tex Tape is safe for populations ranging from pediatric to geriatric, and successfully treats a variety of orthopedic, neuromuscular, neurological and other medical conditions. If it doesn’t say Kinesio®, its not the real thing

Snowflake: Clinical Reasoning


Kinesio-Tape-Advance-Healing-Fall-2019-Snowflake-Clinicial-Reasoning-HeaderThe Kinesio Snowflake Taping Application is most effective around the joint, as well as to improve the function of muscle fascia. This taping technique addresses many levels: muscle, tendon and ligament (mainly around a problem joint.)

The name “snowflake” refers not to the shape but to the type of stimulus, very light. This tape application makes maximal use of the natural hydrokinetic fluid layers in the body, made up of interstitial fluid. The action of this light, snowflake level of stimulus provides valuable insight into the repair of injured cells and to how Kinesio Taping may contribute to this process.

Kinesio-Tape-Advance-Healing-Fall-2019-Snowflake-Clinicial-Reasoning-ArmThe combination of the “I” center strip as an anchor with rounded extensions not only increases the area of affected tissue, but allows a single tape application to provide both support and deep stimulation.

Optimal control of interstitial fluids allows us to work with very soft stimulus to the joint, to increase the affected area of treatment and to connect with the subcutaneous fascia.

Use it when you do not want to disturb the vertical and horizontal movement of the skin. This application is effective for the repair of fascia in the surrounding joint tissues. It can act to release pressure and to stimulate the deep fascia layers and to the surface of the joint or muscle.

With the snowflake taping application you can revolutionize your approach to the relationship of the muscle, the fascia and the natural flow in the body of interstitial fluid.

Hydrokinetic Theory
(Explained by Dr. Kase – Inventor of Kinesio Taping)
Hydrokinetic Theory focuses on the nature of the delicate fascia that affects everyday life repeatedly. The fascia is susceptible to deformation and degeneration and to external influences.
The moist normal fascia moderates muscle movement and bathes the blood and lymphatic flow to promote drainage of inflammatory substances. The hydrokinetic aspect keeps the fascia soft and fluffy.

Objective of the Snowflake Application:
● This taping technique allows greater exercise of the affected joint or muscle by soft stimulation around the joint and is ideal adjustment to the interstitial fluid.
● The combined effect will be to support the joint at a deeper level while increasing the treated surface area.
● The taping acts to restore damaged tissue without merely addressing lymphatics.
● Interstitial fluid, which is important for nutrition supply to tissues, is able to reach the fascia, aponeurosis, ligament, and joint capsule – including subcutaneous tissue around joints.

 Interstitial Fluid
The Interstitium is described as a new organ of the human body. Researchers say this body-wide network is made up of interconnected, fluid-filled spaces supported by a lattice of strong, flexible proteins.
If considered as an organ, it is the largest organ of the human body and accounts for 20% of body weight (in contrast, skin constitutes 16%.) Running through the body, the interstitial fluid is said to help with the regeneration and restoration of cells.Kinesio-Tape-Advance-Healing-Fall-2019-Snowflake-Clinicial-Reasoning-Interstitial Fluid

P.C. Benias et al., “Structure and distribution of an unrecognized interstitium in human tissues,” Scientific Reports, doi:10.1038/s41598-018-23062-6, 2018.Rettner. R. (2018) Meet you interstitium, a newfound “organ”.
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We’re Here with You during COVID-19


Dear Valued Customers, business partners and members,

The spread of COVID-19 is causing disruptions in everyday life.  We all must do our part to help flatten the curve and prevent our healthcare system from being overwhelmed. As we navigate this uncertain period and search for more information, our hope is for everyone’s health and happiness.

We want to assure our customers, partners and members that we are doing our part to safely and successfully get through these challenging times.

  • As a manufacturer and supplier of products to the healthcare industry and clinical facilities, Kinesio is classified by the State of New Mexico as an “Essential Business” and by U.S. federal government as part of the “critical infrastructure” necessary to provide essential products and services during the coronavirus pandemic.  As such, Kinesio is allowed to continue operations despite the “stay at home” directives in New Mexico.
  • The welfare of our customers, employees and partners is our highest priority, and we are closely monitoring recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We are handling Kinesio products and shipments with enhanced sanitation procedures to minimize human contact and maximize safety and sanitation.
  • We have implemented safety measures to protect our employees and comply with the State of New Mexico’s directives aimed at reducing potential exposure.  Kinesio is operating with reduced staff on our premises to maintain the required “social distance” between employees.  We have also adopted additional procedures to ensure sanitizing of hands and surfaces and keep our employees at a safe distance from one another to keep them healthy and safe.
  • While necessary and important, these changes have impacted our operations.  Our production, manufacturing, and fulfillment capabilities may be delayed as we stay in compliance with the rules and restrictions in effect.  Thank you for your patience and support.  We are taking active steps to reduce any delays, including by increasing our operations to seven days per week.  In addition, our logistics vendors remain operational and engaged with us Monday through Friday, to facilitate shipments and receipt of needed raw materials.
  • We are working with all possible speed to transition many KTAI and KU educational resources from in-person to online delivery. You can check out our Online Education Courses:

Like you, we are navigating from day-to-day the uncertainties and changing requirements imposed upon us by this unprecedented development.  Through this process, we remain unwavering in our commitment to the wellbeing of our very dedicated employees.  And as always, we will strive to support, in every way we can, the lifeblood of our company—you, our customers, partners and members

Thank You and Stay Safe,
The Kinesio Team


Kinesio calls on the world to ‘TAPE WITH WISDOM’


Notice anything new? Perhaps it is the tagline.

TAPE WITH WISDOMTM describes the essence of Kinesio’s mission to enhance the experience of living, whether active or sedentary, by using the right tape with the right methodology to obtain healing benefit. The tagline is new, but its roots go back to the beginning. This outlook has been consistent since Dr. Kenzo Kase® first created the tape and taping concept in the early 1970s.

Tape With Wisdom refers to the skill level of our medical professionals, but that is only part of the point. As Dr. Kase notes, “There is wisdom in Kinesio® Tape itself.” The Kinesio Tape product line, including four different specifically purposed tapes and a range of tape configurations, offers tapes with wisdom inherent in their actual physical qualities.  In accord with the Hippocratic Oath to “Do No Harm”, Dr. Kase and Kinesio’s 40 year journey of discovery has led to insights into the body’s powerful natural healing intelligence and the beneficial effect “wise” taping can have to unleash it.  The education program created to share those insights informs Kinesio tape, just as fully as the tape informs the education programs.

Kinesio brand tapes are designed and manufactured in the USA by Kinesio to specifications derived and evolved from the clinical application knowledge and insights (“wisdom”) of patient assessment and Kinesio Taping®.  As noted by Kinesio’s Vice President, Elisa Kase, “We sometimes feel that too few members of the public realize how Kinesio is differentiated from other brands in the market.”

Why should they care?  Because the right tape applied with right knowledge means the difference between a patient or user who has a disappointing and ineffectual application of colored tape on the body and one who achieves desired relief, support, and healing.

Dr. Kase invented this modality, but Kinesio is not just the Original, or the Most Authentic. It is a roll of wisdom in your hands.

Make the wise choice, and equip yourself to Tape with Wisdom.