Why Take a Seminar?

Why Take a Seminar?

Great Results in Amarillo with KT3, and then sit for the certification exam. Well, it didn’t take long to have patients with diagnoses that might benefit from the Kinesio Taping Method. For example, I have a patient with an acute ankle sprain, and all the typical symptoms: edema, swelling, loss of function, etc.

I thought about the circulatory/lymphatic correction methods Mary taught us, and thus I endeavored to make this patient my “experiment.”

The gross ecchymosis was evident both medially and laterally, so I taped the lateral aspect to see if a difference could be discerned from that of the medial aspect. WOW! is all I can say. I couldn’t believe the difference in the lateral and medial aspects of the ankle at the very next visit.

I then taped both sides, and the success continued visit to visit. This patient is doing very well, and I do believe the catalyst for this early and rapid reduction in acute symptoms was in part due to the Kinesio Taping!!!

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