What is the Kinesio Taping Method?

The Kinesio Taping® Method is a therapeutic taping technique which alleviates pain and facilitates lymphatic drainage by microscopically lifting the skin. This lifting affect forms convolutions in the skin increasing interstitial space and allowing for decreased inflammation in affected areas. Based upon research and years of clinical use, The Kinesio® Taping Method specifically applies Kinesio tape based on evaluation and assessment to dictate a specific application. Kinesio® Tex Tape applications can be applied in hundreds of ways and have the ability to reduce pain and inflammation, promote post-surgical healing, optimize performance, prevent injury and promote good circulation and can assist the body’s natural healing process.
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Known for its ground breaking education for over 40 years Kinesio now introduces Kinesio Medical Taping. Kinesio University has all new Kinesio Medial Taping courses on how to apply Kinesio tape to the micro layers at the surface of the epidermis. Kinesio Medical Taping applications are designed by Dr Kenzo Kase® and are a whole new way to achieve optimal patient results.  Kinesio Medical Taping is a future generation of treatment using Kinesio taping applications which can stimulate the epidermis at a cellar level.

The Kinesio Benefit

Evaluation and assessment are key in the treatment of any clinical condition. In order to get the desired results from a Kinesio Tex Tape application as well as any other treatment, a full assessment of your patient is necessary. In some cases, the treatment of a condition may require treatment of other underlying conditions as well. This assessment should include manual muscle testing, range of motion testing, gait assessment, and any other orthopedic special tests that you deem necessary. The information gained from these assessments will allow for the proper treatment protocol to be laid out. Kinesio Tex Tape can be a valuable addition to this protocol. It has been proven to have positive physiological effects on the skin, lymphatic and circulatory system, fascia, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints. It can be used in conjunction with a multitude of other treatments and modalities within your clinic and is effective during the rehabilitative and chronic phases on an injury as well as being used for preventative measures.

The Kinesio University Benefit

Through the implementation Kinesio Taping® Education courses people are now able to utilize Kinesio University to fit their specific needs. Kinesio University offers different kinds of educational tracks – The Certification Program, Specialty and General Education programs. Kinesio courses are available both online and in-person and most provide CEUs.

The Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP) Track advances a practitioner in any profession. This program is designed to provide specialized training in Kinesio Medical Taping and provide a practitioner exposure to principals and topics in the Kinesio Taping Method at a more advanced level.

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Kinesio University also offers courses for daily users who are interested in health, staying in motion and in learning preventive measures based on a specific sport or activity. We pride ourselves on creating a culture that facilitates learning and we welcome attendees and practitioners with diverse backgrounds from all over the world.  At any level Kinesio offers the opportunity to learn Kinesio Taping® to advance your knowledge and skills or specialized in a specific area of practice.  Kinesio continuing education enables health care practitioners to be better equipped to provide customized care to their clients with the Kinesio Taping® Method as well.


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