Kinesio Tape Expiration Dates

Kinesio® Tape has a shelf life of three (3) years. It is important to clearly identify the expiration date on each roll of tape to ensure the best possible outcomes are received with Kinesio® Tape.

The below is a guide to each of the Kinesio® products that have an expiration date and where it is located on the package.

Kinesio Tex Gold FP Kinesio-Tape-Expiration-Dates-GOLD-FP-Standard Kinesio-Tape-Expiration-Dates-GOLD-FP-Bulk Kinesio Tex Gold FP – EDF Pre-Cut Kinesio-Tape-Expiration-Dates-GOLD-FP-EDF Kinesio Tex Classic Kinesio-Tape-Expiration-Dates-CLASSIC-Standard Kinesio-Tape-Expiration-Dates-CLASSIC-Bulk

Kinesio Tex Performance+ Kinesio-Tape-Expiration-Dates-PERFORMANCE-Standard

Kinesio Tex Light Touch+ Kinesio-Tape-Expiration-Dates-LIGHT-TOUCH-Standard Kinesio Tex Pre-Cut Kinesio-Tape-Expiration-Dates-PRE-CUTs Kinesio Tex Fan Cut Kinesio-Tape-Expiration-Dates-FAN-CUT Kinesio Tex Equine Kinesio-Tape-Expiration-Dates-EQUINE-Standard Kinesio Tex Canine