One of my sons had Lyme disease and we were in and out of doctors’ offices and hospitals for nine years. No one was able to help; a diagnosis was never obtained. For years my beautiful wife was trying to tell me: there has to be another way. For a long time I was oblivious to other methods of healing. While we were in what would turn out to be our last appointment ever at a neurologist’s office, I happened to glance at my wife as the doctor was prescribing more medicine.

The distraught, worried and at-my-wits-end look on her face hit me, and hit me hard! I asked the doctor if he knew what the diagnosis was on my son. His reply, “I don’t know what he has, but if this medicine works it will be great, and if it doesn’t we will try something else,” didn’t sit well with me. I saw that they were running out of options in their medicine cabinet. At that moment I realized I needed to listen to my wife. Not only that, but as a father I realized it was time that my wife and I take over the healing of our family.

My wife got me started studying the lymphatic system, as it is the highway to the immune system. Thus I began my discovery of the body’s incredible healing properties. Friends and family began to see the progress of my son’s healing and began to ask, ‘could you do lymphatic therapy on this knee and that elbow…’ and ankle and so on. So at the age of 47 I find myself in a beautiful new world: providing clients’ bodies with the ability to help in their own healing capability.

Chris has been practicing for several years now and has seen some significant results. I had a client that was having severe ankle issues. His body was responding very well to the lymphatic drainage treatments. His chiropractor, knowing that I was having success with moving inflammation into the proper channels, asked me if I used Kinesio Tape. This piqued my interest. I did some research and I was intrigued with the phenomenal lifting action of the Kinesio Taping. I attended a KT4 Lymphatic seminar. With the application of Kinesio Taping as part of the treatment on the lymphatic system in my clinic, I realized the significance of a sustained lymphatic drainage for days after a lymphatic drainage session. After the addition of Kinesio Taping to his treatment, that client is now an avid bike rider.

My initial intention in entering into the world of Kinesio Taping was strictly for the lymphatic system. In this I found myself to be somewhat of a minority in the Kinesio world. The Kinesio Taping Association includes Physical Therapists, Occupation Therapists, Chiropractors and other practitioners. While attending KT1, KT2, KT3 I was able to see how effective Kinesio Taping is on muscular structure and stability.

The athletes that come into the clinic routinely ask for Kinesio Taping. With the application of lymphatic therapy, cold pulse lasers, energetic medicine or voltage and Kinesio Taping I have witnessed incredible stories. Ninety percent of the clients I see leave my clinic with Kinesio Taping, with most asking for it! I think every true Lymphatic Drainage Therapist should have Kinesio Tape in their tool box. These days, my clinic is never without the boxes of precut fan tape, as this tape is always applied in any taping.

Because of the state of a lot of my clients, I realize the importance of the stomach in the healing process. In fact I have grown to rely on the taping for the small and large intestines. With chronically ill clients, this is a taping that tends to be very comforting and therapeutic with the lifting action. It also helps with the peristaltic wave flow of the intestinal tract.

I have kept in close contact with the instructors from the Kinesio Taping certification classes. They have been incredible mentors in my Kinesio process. My study of the lymphatic system has been crucial to the well-being of my family and clinic, and my family has witnessed this incredible journey. At this point two of my sons have also become certified in Lymphatic Therapy. I have the privilege of working with them on a daily basis. It is wonderful for me to be able to be a mentor for my sons. They have now come into their own and it is an honor to witness their growth and maturity. I am thoroughly ecstatic with their growth as young therapists, because our therapy exists in a totally different paradigm than what their peers have grown up to understand.

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