College Program Helps ATCs Hit the Ground Running

I’ve been teaching the program to our students at Campbell University over this past fall semester. They have been very excited to learn the theory and techniques on a weekly basis and incorporate it into practice during their clinical field experiences working with the athletes. They often come back with positive feedback regarding how the Kinesio Taping application they applied made a positive impact or improvement on their athlete. So, they are seeing how Kinesio Tape is working for them in real time on actual patients and not just in a lab setting in class.



I believe the benefit of learning the Kinesio Taping Method during their college career is that there is more time to solidify/practice the instruction of the theory and techniques over the semester and the students have the supervision and guidance of a CKTF instructor on site to bounce off ideas and additional questions as they need. You do not get this as a clinician taking a Kinesio Taping weekend certification course. Also, being a clinician for 19 years, as well as a faculty instructor, I have not found another treatment modality like Kinesio Tape out there that has such a profound and immediate effect on a patient. I am totally sold on the benefits of Kinesio Tape and use it extensively on a daily basis in my practice. So, my enthusiasm for its use and benefits flows over into my teaching with my students. I believe they share some of that enthusiasm as they are starting to see the same positive patient effects after their learning this semester.

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