Kinesio Taping® Specialty - Sensory Point Taping- Live Webinar
(Live Webinar)

Seminar Date: Nov 14, 2020

Registration Dates: Sep 16, 2020 - Oct 31, 2020

Seminar Instructor(s)

Judith Macias-Harris CKTI, SLP, BSLP

Seminar Location

Zoom Online-

US Only

., Arizona, .
United States

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Seminar Coordinator:
Natali Bencomo

This seminar has been cancelled. We hope to see you at one of our other seminars.

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Course Description


Sensory Point Taping with Kinesio Tape® and vibroacoustic therapy (72Hz tuning fork)

Course Description: This is a 16-hour course that focuses on understanding the kinesiology of elastic therapeutic taping with Kinesio Tape. The course consists of two modules:

  • An eight (8) hour online pre-course that covers the science behind the Kinesio Taping Method, the science behind the physiological effects of using elastic therapeutic tape with Kinesio Tape, foundational concepts associated with types of tape products, handling elastic therapeutic tape, methods to use tape with different types of cuts and applications,  safe removal taping strategies, screenings/assessments, training on the concepts behind Kinesio corrective techniques (EDF, Fascia, Mechanical, Space, Ligament/Tendon, Functional and Circulatory), and patient/team/caregiver education.
    • *Participants will have hands-on opportunities to use, cut, and apply Kinesio Tape within instructed modules.
    • *Participants will need to pass this pre-course two weeks prior to taking the 8hour online or direct class.
  • Sensory Point with Kinesio Medical Taping is an eight (8) online or direct instruction course. Sensory Point Taping highlights taping strategies for neuromusculoskeletal purposes (vs traditional orthopedic strategies).
    • This focuses on using Kinesio tape for pain, lymphatic drainage, proprioception, fascia release, and scar remodeling to help improve muscle functioning. For instance, using Kineiso tape for lymphatic drainage may help improve muscle movement because "space" has been created to move fluid in congested areas.. 
    • This course focuses on using learned strategies from the pre-course using two types of Kinesio Tape products (Classic and Light Touch). Participants will learn a third cut and taping application – Sensory Point Taping.  Participants will lab one learned Kinesio corrective techniques (EDF, Fascia, Mechanical, Space, Ligament/Tendon, Functional and Circulatory) and Sensory Point Taping in the following ways:
    • Scar remodeling (e.g., scars from feeding tubes and intubation)
    • Jaw, ear, and upper/lower body extremity sensory regulation/registration techniques to aid with posture/alignment, pain, and proprioception
    •  “Deep breathing” from the nares and diaphragm
    • Oral motor functioning (e.g., lip closure, jaw elevation/depression)
    • Digestive motility
    • Participants will need to complete a case study plan of care (SOAP note format), using learned assessment(s) and a learned corrective technique to complete CEU credit for the class.

Course Requirements:
In order to attend a Kinesio Taping® seminar, each attendee must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Must have completed 80 course hours of anatomy and physiology in either or combined undergraduate/graduate coursework.
  2. Must have a working knowledge of the musculoskeletal system.
  3. Must have achieved or is a student in their junior or senior year (transcripts must be provided) working towards one or more of the following credentials: ARNP, ATC, CAT(C), CCSP, CDP, CHT, CLT, CMBT, CMT, CNMT, COMT, COTA, COTA/L, CPO, CPT, CPTA, CRN, CST, CT, DC, DO, DOM, DPT, Lac, LAT, LLCC, LMBT, LMP, LMT, LOT, LOTA, LPT, LPTA, MD, MDT, MLD, MOT, MOTR/L, MPT, MT, MTC, NCMT, NCTMB, NDT, NMD, NMT, NP, NRC, OCS, ODT, OMD, OPA, OT, OTA, OTC, OTR, OTR/L, PT, PT-C, PTA, PA, RMT, RN, RPT, RPTA, SLP/SLPA; Dental professionals, Certified Orofacial Myologist

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