Kinesio Taping Workshops Now Available


The program is available at two levels. 

The CKTT® (Certified Kinesio Taping Technician®) is a community outreach program which is designed to introduce Kinesio Taping® specifically the use of Kinesio® Pre-cuts.

CKTT Level 1: Basic Training

Level 1 is open to everyone 14 and older. During this 2 hour workshop you will be introduced to 5 simple applications (e.g. low back, shoulder, knee, foot and ankle) as well as contraindications for the use of Kinesio® Tape Pre-cuts.

CKTT Level 2: Advanced Training

Level 2 Advanced Training is for personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and other health care or fitness professionals. Must complete CKTT workshop Level 1 and have an education in health sciences or fitness. During this 4 hour workshop you will build on the applications learned from Level 1 and will be introduced to techniques for common sports injuries such as Achilles tendonitis, hamstring strain, groin strain, ankle sprain, calf strain/tear, IT band strain, hip flexor strain, and shin splint applications. Applications for shoulder support and posture enhancement will also be addressed.

After completion of Level 2 you are eligible to take the Certified Kinesio Taping Technician™ (CKTT) exam and, upon receiving a successful passing score (80% or higher) and maintenance of annual KTAI membership you may market yourself as a CKTT.

To find or organize a workshop in your area please contact Jessica Campbell at or 888-320-8273 ext 121 or contact a CKTP+ in your area.

CKTP+ Presenters for CKTT Workshops

Bertha Powell, COTA/L, CKTP
(888) 454-2306

Chesapeake VA (Hampton Roads area)

Lane Alexander, LMT, CKTP   

(502) 994-9096
Louisville KY

Virtu Arora, PT, DPT, CKTP  
(209) 401-2995  
Stockton CA

John Balletto, LMT, CKTP
(401) 323-1685

Mass/Rhode Island area

Stacey Davis, OT, CKTP
(478) 274-3264 or (478) 410-0189

Central Georgia

Cindy Hinkel, LPTA, LMT, CKTP
(906) 281-3444/(906) 337-7000

Upper Michigan/Wisconsin

Sheira Howell, LPTA, CKTP

(877) 472-6566
Lexington SC

Julie Jousma, CMT, MMT, CKTP

Grand Rapids MI

Antonio (Joe) Justado, RPT, CKTP
(772) 226-9990

Vero Beach FL

Hiro Kariya, MS, ATC, LAT, CKTP    

(470) 578-7681  
(Kennesaw GA) Atlanta area 

Baljeet Kaur, DPT, CKTP 

(347) 863-4022  
New York & Long Island  

Angela Kies, CMT, CPT, CKTP   

(619) 987-7353
San Diego CA

Christina M. Lujan, DC, AT, CKTI
(505) 508-2369

Albuquerque NM

Judee Macias-Harris, MS, CCC-SLP, CKTI
Kenneth Wutoh, PT, DPT, CertIDN, CKTI
Ami Griver, DPT, CKTI
(602) 999-7998

Phoenix/Tucson AZ

Amy Mierzwa, PT, DPT, CKTP
 (704) 491-6059
Charlotte, NC

Maggie Pezeshkian, DC, CKTP
(626) 359-3956

Los Angeles area

Anibal Ramos, NCBTMB, CKTP, MTI, LMT
(469) 556-4799

Dallas/Fort Worth area

Christine M. Scarano Ward PT, DPT, CKTI
(732) 939-0437
New Jersey

Samantha Seibert, DPT, CKTP
(314) 330-8849
Albuquerque NM

Andrew Simon, ND, CKTP
(206) 582-3469
Seattle WA

Chris Simon, CLT, BMT, DPSC, CKTP
(337) 319-7695

Lafayette LA      

Berenice Soto,  PTA, CI, CCCE, CWCHP, CKTP
(630) 561-3007

Illinois/Chicago area

Ivan Sultan, PT, CKTP
(503) 468-2469  

Astoria  OR

Matt Villegas, NCBTMB, LMT, CKTP, CKTF
(505) 417-4609

Albuquerque NM

Mallory Harris Walden, PTA, CKTP
(662) 416-9790 

Booneville MS

Debbie M. Ioakim, CFT, CKTP, PhD
(850) 554-0794

Milton FL (Pensacola area)