About Kinesio Equine

Kinesio Equine tape is specifically designed for the unique needs of the equine athlete and its different anatomy.  We spent time in the research and development of equine tape because we wanted to create a tape for horses, and not just use the human tape. We think horses deserve a tape made specifically for them, and we think horse lovers worldwide will agree. Like the original Kinesio Tex® Tape this tape is the same weight and thickness of skin so it moves with the body, and is water resistant.

What makes Kinesio Equine tape different is how it works with the skin of a horse. Horses have skin with a lot more hair than humans so the tape needs to stick differently. Kinesio Equine tape has a stronger adhesive which helps it stay on longer and it has a natural flavor additive that horses don’t like so it discourages them from chewing the tape off. Kinesio Equine tape also works directly on the horse hair to stimulate the skin underneath.

Kinesio Equine tape comes in the natural earthy color of brown, yellow to stimulate mental alertness and green for calming.