CKTT (Certified Kinesio Taping Technician) Level 1 Workshop

Workshop Date: Aug 06, 2016

Registration Dates: Apr 29, 2016 - Aug 06, 2016

Workshop Instructor(s)

Hiroki Kariya

Workshop Location

Kennesaw State University - Owls Nest

3220 Busbee Drive

Kennesaw, Georgia, 30144
United States

For more information please contact:

Workshop Coordinator:
Jessica Campbell
(888) 320-8273

  • $ 65.00 Regular

Registration Closed, Can not be register for this Seminar

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Course Description

CKTT™ Level 1 is a community outreach program designed to introduce Kinesio Taping® to members of the public who are not medical professionals and have not been able to take the regular Kinesio Taping® certification classes, although medical professionals may take it. These are very specific workshops with simplified concepts aimed at people who want to use Kinesio Taping® for their own benefit or in a limited way with other people.   Level 1 is a 2 hour class aimed at teaching people with no health care training to use the Kinesio® Pre-Cuts only.

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