Publish Research

As with any area of research, our list is merely a snapshot of what is available at a particular moment in time. The interest in Kinesio Taping research is such that there are new studies and articles available on at least a quarterly basis – not even counting results from our own KTAI symposiums, congresses and publications. Please see our Published Research page.

Collaboration with KTAI

KTAI will endorse your scientific research activities by collaboration. If you, your clinic, or your educational institution wish to conduct research into the effective use of Kinesio Taping®, KTAI may collaborate with your organization by one or more of the following activities:

  • We can fully or partially donate our taping materials for your research.
  • We can provide a certified taping instructor’s time without charge to consult on taping applications.

If you seek a collaborative research relationship with the KTAI, please submit a letter of inquiry to with the subject line “Kinesio Taping Research.” A representative of our scientific committee will contact you.

In general, the members of the KTAI Research Committee tend to discourage research using healthy subjects, as Kinesio Taping may be expected to have minimal effect on healthy muscles and tissue.

We fully respect the confidentiality of your scientific research proposal as an intellectual property. Knowledge obtained during the process of establishing collaboration will remain confidential. Upon the formal collaboration, a data use agreement will dictate ownership of the research finding.