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Kinesio Infringement Referral

Kinesio Infringement Referral Program is a collaborative effort to stop unauthorized person(s) from using Kinesio Trademarks and Copyrighted materials.

Please fill out form below and provide one or more of the following:

  • A link to the website where the alleged infringement is clearly visible
  • A PDF scan of any materials which display the alleged infringement


  • Kinesio® Trademark Policy
  • Kinesio® Trademark Policy

    All Kinesio® distributors are licensed to use the company’s inventory of registered trademarks during the term of their Agreements.   Below is a list of the Kinesio® trademark inventory. Each mark is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and Federal law requires proper use of the registration symbol ®. Misuse of these trademarks, including infringement or use associated with the promotion of third-party products, may result in termination of your Agreement(s). Please use this list as your guide, noting the exact term and placement of the symbol:










    FAN CUT®

    Additionally, here are some guidelines for using these marks within product titles, descriptions and the like:

    1. Most importantly, ensure that the exact mark and placement of the registration symbol are being used correctly and in accordance with Federal trademark law.


    Kinesio® introduces two new Kinesio Taping® products; Fan Cut® and Steri Pre-Cut® which are endorsed by Kinesio University® and its staff of CKTP® and CKTI® experts.

    1. Always begin the mark with a capital letter.
    • Incorrect: kinesio
    • Correct: Kinesio®, KINESIO®
    1. Avoid using any other terms when describing the Kinesio® brand (i.e. “KT”) in order to prevent confusion with competitor brands.
    • Incorrect: KT Mechanical Correction
    • Correct: Kinesio Taping® Mechanical Correction
    1. Avoid pairing the marks together as a single word (i.e. “Kinesiotaping”).
    • Incorrect: Kinesiotape, kinesiotaping, kinesiotapes
    • Correct: Kinesio® tape, Kinesio Taping® Method
    1. Avoid hyphenating the marks
    • Incorrect: Kinesio-tape, Kinesio-Taping
    • Correct: Kinesio® tape, Kinesio Taping®
    1. The Kinesio® trademark inventory should never be altered, modified or combined to form a new word, or combined with other words or marks, or abbreviated.
    • Incorrect: KT tape, K tape, KT seminar, Kinesioseminar
    • Correct: Kinesio® tape, Kinesio®
    1. Never use the phrase “Kinesio tape” as a verb.
      • Incorrect: “You can kinesio tape that injury with this therapeutic tape”
      • Correct: “You can use Kinesio® tape to help with that injury”
    1. When possible, follow the trademark with the generic name of the product or service. For example:
    • Kinesio® tape
    • Kinesio Taping® method
    • Kinesio Taping® materials
    • Kinesio Taping® therapy
    1. “Kinesio” by itself should only be used as a reference to the company.
    • Kinesio® is located in Albuquerque, NM.
    1. Include the following notice in an appropriate and visible location when using the Kinesio® marks in any printed or electronic materials.
    • Location: at the bottom of a webpage, advertisement, catalog, brochure, etc.
    • This notice need not be used on business cards or other materials where it is impractical to include it due to space limitations.
    1. Only use Kinesio’s logos in the forms provided by Kinesio
    • Never modify the colors or proportions of the logos or apply other text to the logos without written authorization from Kinesio.


  • MAP Pricing
  • Kinesio Holding Corporation (KHC), a leading manufacturer of premium-quality elastic theraputic tape and accessories, is committed to promoting the enhanced prolonged benefits of treatments for muscle, joint, chronic discomfort and other painful conditions.

    A critical component to that success is providing the highest quality information and service. We recognize that our high-quality Accounts invest time and resources to deliver an extraordinary customer experience through knowledgeable staff and company vendor presentations.

    To protect the investment of our high-quality Accounts and the Kinesio® brand reputation, we have unilaterally adopted this INTERNET MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICE POLICY (the “Policy”). KHC has established the Policy recognizing the fact that Accounts’ or resellers’ advertising and sales practices that promote Kinesio® products on the internet primarily on the basis of price could be detrimental to Accounts’ service and support efforts and the Kinesio® brand image and reputation. Such activities could also allow some Accounts or resellers to take advantage of the service and support efforts of others.

    Unilateral Internet Minimum Advertised Price Policy

    KHC has unilaterally decided that it will not do business with any Account, as to the products covered by this Policy, if that Account advertises on the internet any MAP Product below its MAP price for sale within the United States.

    KHC is confident this Policy will strengthen its product offering and benefit all of its Accounts and the end-user.

    Moreover, nothing in this Policy is intended to, or does, affect the price at which an Account actually sells a Kinesio® product. Determination of the actual sales price remains solely within the discretion and power of the Account.


    “Accounts” are KHC customers who purchase Kinesio® products for resale within the United States directly from KHC from the Partner Price List.

    “MAP price” is the price KHC displays on its U.S. website by KHC item number which is the minimum allowed by the Kinesio® unilateral MAP Policy to advertise the item for sale on the internet. KHC reserves the right to update or modify this list at any time. To locate the most current information, you can search on by placing “Policy” in the Search field, or use the URL:

    “MAP Products” are the products KHC lists on its U.S. website which details the item number, item description, and MAP price. KHC reserves the right to update or modify this list at any time

    “Internet” is electronic or online means for advertising products and/or transacting sales, including, but not limited to, website, mobile application, auction site or social media.

    General Terms

    This Policy is effective as of January 1, 2016, with respect to the United the United States only and supersedes any previous Distribution Policy. This Policy does not constitute an agreement. This Policy is unilateral and is subject to change by KHC at any time. KHC does not require any Account to agree to this Policy, and KHC does not solicit, nor will KHC accept, any offer or agreement to comply or provide assurance of compliance with this Policy.

    KHC, in its sole discretion, will interpret and apply this Policy as KHC deems appropriate. KHC will not become involved with complaints from Accounts regarding the advertising or other practices of other Accounts. No KHC sales representative, customer service representative or other KHC employee is authorized to accept assurances of compliance with, grant exceptions to, or otherwise interpret this Policy. Nothing in this Policy prevents KHC, in its sole discretion, from ceasing shipments of MAP Products to any Account who conducts business in a manner inconsistent with this Policy, or for any other reason.

    KHC recognizes there exist significant costs involved in developing, protecting, advertising and branding our products and educating the consumer about each product’s unique value proposition. As such, we offer our products to authorized partners at a cost/price structure that we believe fosters the profitability necessary to fund the aforementioned activities. Therefore, it is the purpose of this MAP Policy to support our mutually beneficial cost/price structure and to maintain a level playing field for all authorized partners, regardless of size and purchasing power. Similarly, we believe a sound MAP Policy protects the consumer from unauthorized retailers who have no knowledge of the products, provide no support, and in some cases misrepresent product availability.

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