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EDF® With Kinesio® Medical Taping

Online Course Date: Apr 01, 2020

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Dr Kenzo Kase® designed EDF® taping because he wanted to stimulate the Epidermis. This EDF Taping concept is designed for the skin system which works as a protection mechanism for the body.

The reaction of the epidermis to EDF taping is like an electrical current or impulse in the epidermis layer. The new concept of Kinesio Medical Taping® (KMT™) is the Kinesio technique that is focused on stimulation to skin layers at a very micro level.

This course objective is to teach the theory and practical components to EDF taping, including what EDF taping is, how to prepare it, how it affects the body and how to apply it for different purposes.

No previous experience with Kinesio Taping or anatomical knowledge is required, however it does make things easier when it comes to applying the tape to areas not shown.


  • History of Kinesio Taping® Method
  • How Does Kinesio Taping Work?
  • About Kinesio Tex Tape
  • Tape Removal
  • Neurological Effects of Kinesio Taping (EDF Taping) through the Skin
  • What is Kinesio Medical Taping (KMT)?
  • What is EDF?
  • What is EDF Used For?
  • Space, Movement, Cooling
  • Kinesio Medical Taping (KMT): EDF Application Research
  • Kinesio Medical Taping (KMT): EDF Applications
  • EDF: (E)-Epidermis
  • Cytokines
  • EDF:(D)-Dermis
  • EDF: (F)- Subcutaneous/Fascia
  • Exploring The Skin with Ultrasound
  • EDF: Shape, Selection and Needed Tape Strip
  • Hydrokinetic Assessment (HKA)
  • Basics of EDF Application
  • EDF Taping Technique Labs


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