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Kinesio Body Design

Online Course Date: Oct 17, 2019

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Known for our groundbreaking education for over 40 years now, Kinesio® introduces a completely different area of treatment! Based on Dr. Kenzo Kase’s unique therapeutic principles which led to his founding of the Kinesio Taping  Method, Kinesio announces a whole new approach to beauty and wellness.  The combination of diet, rest, and self-care have always been the hallmark of self-care. Beauty wellness is a connection between body and mind. We all know that feeling better makes us look better. Kinesio Body Design goes a  step further: The focus of our new book Kinesio Body Design is to train the skin to return to its natural structure.  In order to achieve optimal wellness, Kinesio Body Design taping applications include treatments that emphasize the wellness of the superficial skin layers. Skin health matters.  Skin serves as a barrier, has its own specialized immune system, and secretes its own hormones.  The Kinesio Body Design program offers specific applications for erect posture, reducing wrinkles or puffiness under the eyes. These applications can tighten the skin on the upper arms and stimulate the meridian to tone the legs.

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