Submit a Case Study

Case Study Submission

One of the advantages to having an extensive membership community is the opportunity for practitioners to share news and results from their own practice. Because they are so widespread, both geographically and in previous therapeutic training, CKTPs and CKTIs don’t always get to swap stories with those whose interests and activities may be similar.

Here at Kinesio USA® we would like to be helpful in that regard. Do you have a particular application or therapeutic strategy that excites you with its results? We encourage you to write up your case studies and share them with us.

We are also working with some of the professional journals to bring member findings to their attention.

If you are a seasoned communicator and feel comfortable submitting your information as a completed article, that’s great. If writing is not your favorite activity (or you are just pressed for time) we will be more than happy to craft your raw information into publication-ready condition.

In addition to professional results and case studies, we are also interested in clients or patients with amazing or heartwarming stories, as well as your own personal experiences and reflections. You may submit your stories, comments, questions, results and ideas to