Before Applying Kinesio Tape

Please Read Full Instructions

• Assistance is recommended to apply applications.

• Ensure skin is clean, dry and free of any oils and lotions before application.

• It is normal for wrinkles to appear in the tape when it is applied to the skin   and the muscles are relaxed.

To Care For Your Application

Rub to activate adhesive.

Use caution. Clothing can catch edges of tape.

Wait 30 – 45 minutes before vigorous activity.

Pat or blot to dry. Do not wipe.

Direct heat can cause over-adhering and can make removal difficult.

To Remove Your Application

Support the skin with the fingers of one hand while the tape is being slowly and gently removed with the other hand. Remove tape in the direction of hair growth. Tape may be removed while showering or in bath.

Cutting Kinesio Tape

• Use the 2-inch square guides on the back of the tape to help measure the length of the tape strip and make correct cuts.

• Remove a small portion of the paper backing at the end of the tape strip in order to create a “Anchor” to apply the tape.

• Make sure to round all ends of the tape. Rounded ends help prevent snagging, fraying, and peeling off quickly.

“I” Strip – Single strip of tape with rounded ends.

“Y” Strip – Strip of tape with one end that has a longitudinal cut in the middle.

“Fan” Cut – Strip of tape that has 3-6 longitudinal cuts on one end of the tape.