Kinesio Equine Seminars

About Our Education

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Kinesio Equine classes will introduce the principles of the Kinesio Taping Method® and give participants the opportunity to try hands on practice both on horses and on each other. Three classes are offered in the certification track leading to the credential of Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner® – Equine.

KT Equine 1: Fundamental Concepts of the Kinesio Taping Method (KTM) for Horses – 8hrs

(class must be taken in conjunction with KTE2)

The KTE1 Course is designed to introduce practitioners to the Kinesio Taping Method while at the same time demonstrating the basics of Equine functional assessment. Attendees will have the time to practice basic muscle and joint applications of Kinesio Tape on each other and on horses.

Objectives of course:

  • Introduce equine practitioners to the concepts of the Kinesio Taping Method
  • Learn KTM fundamental concepts and the unique properties & uses of Kinesio Tex® Tape.
  • Practice muscle applications for various areas of the human body
  • Apply the Kinesio Taping Method to equine anatomy
  • Discuss and apply the Kinesio Taping Method to relax overuse syndromes, stimulate weak muscles, and decrease pain and swelling in horses.

KT Equine 2: Kinesio Taping Equine Concepts & Corrective Techniques – 8hrs

(prerequisite, completion of KTA approved KTE1 course)

Objectives of course:

  • Review material presented in KTE1
  • Learn the five Corrective Techniques (Mechanical, Space, Fascia, Ligament/Tendon, and Lymphatic) and discuss their application in a variety of clinical conditions
  • Practice hands-on applications of the corrective techniques on horses.

Participants successfully completing the KTE1 and KTE2 classes will receive the class workbooks with pictures of taping applications plus a 60-day free trial membership to the Kinesio Taping Association International which includes access to a taping database for humans. (Equine taping database coming soon).

KT Equine 3: Kinesio Taping Equine Advanced and Clinical Concepts – 8hrs

(Prerequisite, completion of KTA approved KTE1 & KTE2)

Objectives of course:

  • Review material learned in KTE1 and KTE2
  • Discuss clinical cases submitted by attendees.
  • Lab time to practice specific practitioner protocols, clinical applications, and conditions.