The 31st Kinesio Taping Research Symposium will be held October 7th and 8th in Honolulu, Hawaii, in autumn of 2017. We invite researchers to submit abstracts of recently completed and in progress studies and case reports involving Kinesio Taping and associated therapies.

The deadline for submission is April 30, 2017. Abstracts submitted after this date will not be reviewed. Please follow these guidelines in order to ensure proper consideration of your proposal.

  1. Abstracts should contain: Heading, Authors, Institutions, Purpose, Materials and Methods, Results and Conclusion. All abstracts are to be submitted and presented in English.
  2. If it is known which member of the research team is going to attend the Symposium, that presenting author should be underlined in the authors section.
  3. The abstract must contain original work, not published nor presented at a meeting of another national or international scientific organization.
  4. Please list authors’ details as <first name> <last name> (ie. “Martha Washington,” not Washington, M.)
  5. Abbreviations used in abstracts must be defined. Abbreviations are permitted in titles if they immediately follow the term being abbreviated and are enclosed in parentheses. If used in the text, abbreviations should be defined at first mention if not already defined in the title. Do not use the abbreviation “KT” to indicate Kinesio Tape or Kinesio Taping.
  6. The KTAI Research Committee and Symposium organizing team have the right to accept or reject the abstract submission.
  7. The author should state whether oral or poster presentation is preferred. Keep in mind that the committee may change this based on total submissions and theme of the conference.
  8. All content of the abstract is in the sole responsibility of the author[s] of the abstract. Authors assume complete responsibility for the data at the time of submission.
  9. A disclosure of medically related commercial and financial relationships must be completed for each individual author.

Abstracts may be submitted via email or fax to or (+1) 505-856-2983.