Notah Begay III

As a 4-time winner on the PGA Tour and now as a golf analyst for NBC Sports and The Golf Channel I’m very aware of the various disciplines of the game that challenge golfers on a daily basis. Equipment, mental approach and technique are the obvious places that players and instructors look when seeking improvement. But one of the major areas of the game that is overlooked when it comes to improved performance are the areas of pain management and injury prevention. The repetitious motion of golf and modern clubhead speeds place a tremendous amount of stress on joints, muscles and connective tissue which creates inflammation in critical areas which may lead to injury or reduction in flexibility or power.

I have discovered an amazing invention that helps both discomfort and preventing injuries called Kinesio Tape. When you are hurting you do not perform at your best. Kinesio Tape is a simple yet effective solution.

Many players on the PGA and LPGA tours have started to use Kinesio Tape in an effort to reduce inflammation, improve range of motion and reduce pain. Similar to the way that Ping Golf founder Karsten Solheim changed the game forever by introducing “perimeter weighting” to the design of irons and putters, Dr. Kenzo Kase changed performance and endurance sports when he invented the “therapeutic elastic” tape industry in the early 1970s by creating Kinesio Tape.

Kinesio Tape is the only therapeutic elastic tape used by Olympic athletes around the world due to its world class performance benefits.

“With the help of Kinesio Tape, a player doesn’t have to retire from the game due to an injury. “

After Kinesio Tape became the most popular product used in sports and medical fields, competing brands tried to replicate the standard of quality and performance of Kinesio. But Kinesio’s premium materials and patented technological innovation were impossible to match. Kinesio is the only tape in the industry to be designed and manufactured in the USA and has always based it’s design on the most recent and valid research. In my opinion, when it comes to providing the most reputable products for your customers and members there is only once choice in the therapeutic elastic tape category and that is the Kinesio Brand.

Notah Begay III