Alison Taylor

KTA Since: 2007

CKTP Since: 2008

CKTI Since: 2009

Places Taught
FL, TX, LA,SC,OK CA, Australia,GA, NH, LA,NC,

Additional Fields
Splinting, Hand Therapy, RSD, Neuro,Tendonitis

ASHT Conference 2005,2006,2012,2014,2016 PBATS conference GA 2006 GA Hand, Elbow and Shoulder Conference 2011,2014

Alison Taylor graduated with an OT Degree from Cumberland College of Health Sciences/Sydney University in Australia in 1990. She has worked in and out of in the USA for over 24 years including 19 years in Hand and UE Rehab, achieving her CHT in 2001. Alison has presented at the ASHT conferences in NC in 2005 and GA in 2006. She has also presented at the PBATs conference in Atlanta in 2007. She has lectured nationally and internationally on tendon injuries, splinting and Kinesio Taping. She has guest lectured at Sydney University in 2010 and Texas Women’s University (Denton) in 2012 and presented the preconference workshop at the 2012 ASHT conference on Kinesio Taping for complex Hand Injuries. Alison was NDT certified in 2004 and has a special interest in expanding taping for the neurological and hand populations. Alison is currently pursuing her own Hand Therapy Practice in North Texas and works for local Orthopedic and Hand Surgeons. She was certified as a Kinesio Taping Instructor in 2011 and uses it to enhance her treatments including post-surgical care, neurological nerve function and fracture management.