Torben Blenstrup

KTA Since: 2005

CKTI Since: 2006

Places Taught
Denmark Norway Sweden Finland And Iceland

Additional Fields
Shoulder diagnostics and rehabilitation

"Scapula alata - Kan du se det?" (scapula Alata - can you see it?) Månedskrift for Praktisk lægegerning 1999/8 (montly magazine for medical practitioners) "Scapula Alata - Englevinger" (Scapula Alata - Winging scapula) Ugeskrift for læger 2003 21. april (Weekly journal for the Danish Medical Ass.) Når Englevingerne kommer for tidligt (when the "Angelwing's" coming too soon" Helse maj 2003 (Health magazine may 2003) Scapula Alata - Danske Fysioterapeuter nov. 1998 (Journal for Danish Physiotherapist ) Scapula og skulderfunktion (scapula And shoulderfunction) Dansk Sportsmedicin feb. 2003 (danish sportsmedicin feb 2003)

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